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City of Decatur
Human Resources Generalist


Closing Date: 9/30/2023
Salary: $60, 000 (learn more via the link below)


The experienced HR professional in this position will provide assistance and support as a seasoned generalist in FMLA and leave management; EEO and compliance investigations; recruitment; employee relations, development and performance coaching; and compensation and benefits administration. The HR generalist will also assist with policy development and HRIS deployment initiatives.

To learn more and apply, please visit: or contact Decatur’s Human Resources Department at (256) 341-4890.

City of Decatur
Planning Manager


Salary: Starts at $84,974.70 (learn more via the link below)

Duties: This position is responsible for managing and performing professional planning functions. Responsibilities will include researching, gathering data, preparing reports, presentations, publications, spreadsheets, tables and charts; review voting districts and submit findings for review; oversee, research and prepare amendments to the zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations; prepare, review and present packages for various public meetings; review census materials; develop and deliver public presentations; prepare department payroll; effectively manage department operations including budgeting and performance of assigned department personnel. 

Closing Date: 9/30/2023 

To learn more and apply, please visit: 

For more information on this position, contact the Decatur’s Human Resources Department at (256) 341-4890.