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City of Pell City
Finance Director/Treasurer 


SYNOPSIS: The Finance Director position involves complex supervisory, administrative, and professional work in planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and supervising all the financial management operations for Pell City. The incumbent performs highly responsible functions, requiring the exercise of considerable independent judgment in the planning, direction, and control of the financial and fiscal operations. Supervision is exercised over employees in the revenue department, accounts payable, and any other accounting function. The incumbent works under the general supervision of the City Manager. 

QUALIFICATIONS: Must have either a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting (preferred) or Bachelors degree in a closely related field with a minimum of four (4) years experience in financial management/accounting at managerial level; or six (6) years of progressively responsible bookkeeping/accounting experience in public or governmental finance, three (3) of which are in a management capacity; Masters in Accounting or CPA preferred but not required; Must possess above average computer skills, preferable with knowledge of appropriate financial and communication systems and applications; Must have general working knowledge of related office equipment; Must possess a valid Alabama driver’s license and a driving record suitable for insurability; Must be willing to work non-standard hours and overtime as required; Must be willing to travel overnight to attend continuing education courses and workshops; Must be physically able to perform the duties of the position. 

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Organizes and maintains overall operation of the revenue/accounting function; Supervises the accounting function for the City to include cash receipts, disbursements, fixed asset management, and grants utilizing spreadsheets and accounting software adhering to GASB in order to document financial transactions and comply with accounting standards; Establishes and implements operating procedures to maintain individual fiscal control, accounting, and management of various funds; Works with fiscal agents and bond attorneys regarding bond issues; works with trustee banks; Responsible for the preparation and implementation of the annual budget with assistance from Department Heads and employees; Provides budget management, cost benefit analysis, and forecasting analysis; Receives, monitors and records receipts, deposits and disbursement of all city monies; Act as one of the signatories for all City funds in accordance with accounting policies and procedures; Reviews supporting documentation and signs checks approved by the governing body or by council action; Monitors banking activities of the organization to ensure adequate cash flow; Supervises the preparation of monthly financial reports for City Manager and City Council with assistance from Department Heads and employees; Responsible for the management of debt service and the related GL accounts; Plans financial investments and invests surplus city funds with the approval of the City Council; Prepares accounting records for the annual financial audit and oversees the coordination and activities of independent auditors; Attends City Council meetings at the direction of the City Manager; Ability to lift 20 lbs; Perform other related duties as required.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Extensive knowledge of municipal and fiscal accounting principles, practices and procedures; Extensive knowledge of municipal organizations and department operations including applicable laws and regulations; Extensive knowledge of budgeting, accounting and related statistical procedures; Considerable knowledge of management theory, methods and practices; Considerable knowledge of various revenue sources available to local governments, including state and federal sources; Considerable knowledge of state laws as they apply to city management practices; Considerable skill in resolving disputes and complaints from the public; Ability to analyze a variety of financial problems and make decisions; Ability to work with tight deadlines; Ability to coordinate a variety of intra-governmental policy matters between the governing body and Department Heads; Ability to plan, organize, direct and supervise the work of professional and administrative subordinates; Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing; Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the City Manager and City Council, Department Heads, intergovernmental agencies, employees and the public.

BENEFITS AVAILABLE FOR FULL TIME POSITION: BCBS Health/Dental (single coverage paid by City); EMC Life Insurance (paid by City); Retirement through RSA (with a City match); Vision Plan; AFLAC; Sick leave (accrued when paid bi-weekly); Vacation (after successfully completing 1 year probation); Direct Deposit;  Paid Holidays

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