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SKIDCAR (Proactive Driver Training)

Municipal employees may encounter adverse driving situations on a day-to-day basis. Through an advanced, computer-controlled driver training vehicle known as the SKIDCAR System, students are taught a program based on driver discipline while experiencing a range of hazardous driving conditions at much lower and safer speeds. Although originally designed for law enforcement, ALL municipal employees are encouraged to complete the program for their own driving safety. Training is conducted throughout the state at a minimal cost. Click on the video below for more information.

NEW FEATURE: This program has been revised to include updates to the SKIDCAR curriculum focusing on driver discipline, and the addition of the Automated Traffic Scenario Simulator (ATSS) to the practical exercise. The ATSS simulates real-world situations for driver training scenarios. Using a series of red and green lights the ATSS simulates oncoming cars, cross-traffic, or stopped traffic, providing added realism to driver training scenarios. Clearing intersections while responding to a call is one of the greatest dangers of any first responder job. The ATSS is specifically designed to teach students how to properly clear an intersection.

ATSS Diagram ATSS Photo

Pricing for SKIDCAR Training:

  • AMIC or MWCF member fee is $40 per participant per day.
    To receive this rate, you must type "MEMBER" In the Promo Code field on the event page and click apply. 
  • ACCA member fee (Sheriff's Department) is $120 per participant per day. 
    To receive this rate, you must type "ACCA" in the Promo Code field on the event page and click apply. 
  • Non-member fee is $160 per participant per day.
    If you are not an AMIC/MWCF member or an ACCA member you must leave the Promo Code blank. 
  • If you are unsure which Promo Code to use please call Donna Wagner at (334) 262-2566 ext. 125. 


The 2024 SKIDCAR schedule is below. Please revisit this site frequently as the schedule is periodically updated. Click on the location to register online. You can now pay online with your credit card.

If you would like to host or schedule a SKIDCAR session in your area, please contact Donna Wagner at (334) 262-2566 extension 125.


Montgomery   January 16 - 19

Orange Beach   February 13 - 23

Roanoke   March 12 - 22

Muscle Shoals   April 9 - 19

Wetumpka   May 14 - 24

Dothan   June 18 - 28

Decatur   August 13 - 23

Anniston   September 9 - 18

Andalusia   October 15 - 25

Oneonta   November 12 - 22

Contact Us | SKIDCAR Brochure 

FATS (Firearms Training System)

The Firearms Training System (FATS) is an excellent training tool designed to develop and sharpen a police officer's discretionary skills as well as reinforce conflict resolution abilities.

As our society has become more violent - and the scrutiny on police officers more pervasive - the need for judgemental firearms training has become more crucial. FATS utilizes digital interactive training technology, allowing officers to develop decision-making skills by responding to real-life scenarios where force may be necessary.

Contact the Loss Control Division at 334-262-2566 or email Deena Pregno to find out when FATS will be in your area. To request the FATS system, click HERE and complete the online form. Depending on availability, Deena Pregno will deliver the system and provide instruction on how to use the equipment. Loss Control representatives are not certified firearms instructors (CFI). They will not, in any manner, attempt to teach the force continuum. That responsibility will lie with the CFI, and the League highly recommends that such training originate in a classroom and progress towards the use of FATS.

Pricing for FATS training:
AMIC Member - $25.00 per person
MWCF Member - $25.00 per person
ALM Only Member - $50.00 per person
Non-Member Rate - $100.00 per person

 FATS Video | FATS FlyerFATS Request Form

FATS Image

View the FATS in action below

 FATS Coordinator Chuck Burns explains and demonstrates the FATS system -

Online Training

The AMIC/MWCF Loss Control Division is pleased to offer our members another innovative tool to provide quality employee professional development – FREE online training!

We have partnered with LocalGovU to create on Online Learning Center that provides a variety of course topics, including risk management, human resources, safety and law enforcement. Courses are available on a 24/7 basis from any computer with internet access and are provided at no cost to AMIC/MWCF members. 

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These online courses are:

  • Easy to use and available online anytime 24/7
  • Written specifically for public entities
  • Short modules that typically take about 30 minutes to complete

You will need to choose one person to be your account administrator and ask them to set up the account.  This person will also receive updates on courses offered each quarter.

To set up an account - or to log onto your existing account -  click HERE and follow the instructions. A LocalGovU representative will contact you within 48 hours to provide information and set up your staff.  After your account has been created, the courses will be made available to you and your staff.

For a list of courses click the links below:

Questions?  Contact Ana Walls with our online training partner, LocalGovU (a member of the Lexipol family), at 469-553-0634 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or email Ana directly at Email Ana.

Risk Management Review

The Loss Control Division employs four representatives who make site visits throughout the year to the AMIC/MWCF members in his or her territory. Part of the services offered through these site visits include a comprehensive Risk Management Review survey, which each representative completes with the member via an app designed especially for AMIC/MWCF's Loss Control Division. A report is then generated from the survey and the member receives a copy a few days after the site visit. For a sample of what a completed Loss Control Risk Management Review Survey will look like, click HERE. (pdf)

Please note that not all questions or sections may apply to your entity and, therefore, may not be asked or discussed during the site visit. Also, these surveys, as well as the reports generated, are subject to change without prior notice.

In an effort to prepare each member for this process, we've attached a sample survey that you may download and complete ahead of time. You may also use this file as an example for your own use. 

For a sample Risk Management Review Survey, click HERE. (Word)

LC App Preview Survey

Employment Practices Hotline

The experience of both AMIC and MWCF has shown that hiring and dismissing employees is an area of increasing litigation. In an effort to assist our members in properly and legally performing this task, an Employment Practices Hotline was launched on July 1, 1998. The Hotline FAQs below explain how to effectively use this popular service.

Hotline Flyer

Hotline FAQs

1. Who is eligible for this service?
Those entities currently insured with AMIC for casualty coverages or MWCF for workers compensation.

2. Who will furnish the service?
The firm of Porter, Porter & Hassinger, P.C. of Birmingham, Alabama has been retained to furnish this legal advice for our members.

3. How do you contact this firm?
You may call toll free at 1-800-864-5324.

4. Who may act for the entity in using this service?
For a municipality, only the mayor or his or her designated representative may make inquiries through this service. For an incorporated entity other than a municipality, only the chief executive officer or his or her designated representative may make inquiries through this service.

5. What topics can be addressed by this service?
Only questions that concern personnel practices will be taken. The question must involve the hiring, firing or discipline of an employee or group of employees. This would include questions concerning personnel policy and employee manuals.

6. How will the service work?
The initial call will be answered: "Municipal Employee Hotline." The caller will then be asked a series of questions to determine their location; who is calling; and the exact nature of the call. The initial call will then be terminated and the information will then be verified to make sure the caller is eligible to receive the service; the caller is an eligible person; and that the topic is within the scope of service. Once this has been determined, an attorney with the firm will return the call and consult with the caller about his or her inquiry. This entire procedure will be carried out as promptly as possible.

7. What is the extent of the service?
A member is entitled to 30 minutes of legal service for each SEPARATE inquiry. If the response requires more than 30 minutes, the member may extend the use of the service at the member's own expense.

8. What about the ineligible question?
If the question is not within the scope of the service, as determined by the attorney at the firm, the member will be referred to the legal staff at the Alabama League of Municipalities.

9. What is the relationship between the municipality and the law firm?
When a call is accepted, the member entity (not the individual) becomes a client of the firm for the purpose of the call and the attorney/client privilege is activated. Only information about the call that is necessary for billing purposes will be given to the respective insurance funds.

10. What inquiries will not be accepted?
Basically, the question must pertain to employment practices. However, this can sometimes lead to a question of coverage, that's not an eligible inquiry. Questions on coverage or insurance contract language should be referred  to the respective insurance fund (AMIC or MWCF).

Safety Video Library

Sonya McCarley

Our Safety Video Library list is in PDF form, Click HERE. (Updated January 2023)

Complete the Video Checkout Form HERE and return by Mail or Fax.
Contact Sonya McCarley if you have any questions.

Email Sonya   |   Phone:  334-386-8114   |   Fax:  334-262-2809

Upcoming Training

Join us for Summer Seminars 2024!

All AMIC and MWCF members are encouraged to increase their understanding of the scope of risk management practices for public entities by attending one of our Loss Control Seminars this summer.

To register for the Summer Seminars, follow the links below. You can see a copy of the agenda HERE. The cost for the seminar is $30 per person. Lunch will be provided. Deadline to register is one week prior to each event.

CMO Credit Hours: This session is approved for four (4) credit hours in the Basic, Advanced and Emeritus Programs.  Only municipal elected officials receive credit hours in the CMO Program.